Our Equipment

Carpet Clinic operates 4 Hiace vans fitted out with inbuilt state of the art commercial steam cleaning machines.

The smallest of these is still nearly 15 times more powerful than most portable machines. In addition, we also have a truck mount that we use for many of our large corporate and school clients that is nearly twice more powerful again as the van mounts, and allows for multiple steam and vacuum lines to be used simultaneously.

These vehicles, operated by our highly trained and experienced staff, allow us to clean several thousand square metres of carpet in a single day to a very high standard of both material and hygienic clean. Additionally, due to the high vacuums we use, carpets are dry in only a couple of hours in most circumstances – a key reason why many pubs, clubs and restaurants use our services early morning, so they can still serve patrons during their usual opening hours.

For large encapsulation cleaning jobs, we assemble a crew of between 4 to 8 staff which allows for jobs of several thousand meters to be completed in a single evening. With the air conditioners left on overnight, carpets are generally clean, dry and fresh for staff to come in and work on the next day with no interruption to the business itself.