Water Damage Restoration / Emergency Water Removal

Water logged carpets are an unfortunate consequence of living in the tropics – where roofs leak or windows are left open during storms. However, they can also occur due to burst pipes, overflowing sewage lines, blocked drains, children and bathrooms and many other causes.

Our powerful van mounted machines are specially constructed to enable us to extract water at high vacuum from all of the levels of a saturated carpet. The high vacuum generated by these machines coupled with the use of water claws, ensures a high quality extraction of nearly 98% of the water and a drier starting point for extractors and air movers to then dry completely. Time is of the essence in Darwin, as our high temperatures coupled with the high humidity will turn a damp carpet into a mushroom factory in a very short period of time. The key is to ensure the maximum amount of water is extracted as fast as possible so the follow up driers and air-movers have a minimal amount of work to do and can completely dry it in the minimum amount of time.

Water extraction and drying is followed up by a deep clean to ensure that all dirt, bacteria and mould is removed as well as deodorisation to minimise the effects of the flood. Generally, if this process is taken soon after the water damage occurs, it is sufficient to save the carpet and is a far cheaper option than having to replace it.

Carpet Clinic provides a same day emergency service for all of our commercial and domestic clients for these situations. Call us if you are unlucky enough to require our services in this area to get your carpet dry again.

Water Stain Removal